Using the latest technology (AutoCAD Gerber System) we provide our customers with accurate patterns, expert grading, efficient markers and detailed product's specifications.

Our technical team is highly proficient in a wide range of product types including outwear, men's and women's ready to wear, children's, plus sizes and luxury wear.

Employing their skills on sophisticated CAD tools our experienced pattern-makers and technicians can generate, edit and maintain an inventory of patterns for your company. Since we are using the Internet, we are able to serve the global apparel market...


From a simple sketch, a photograph or a specification sheet, we can turn your designers' vision into reality: patterns precise in measurements, fit and balance.

The latest versions of software that we use (AccuMark Explorer) allow us to design patterns for jackets, coats, blouses, trousers, skirts, dresses, according to your requirements.

The patterns may be printed, digitally stored and e-mailed as well.


Once your pattern is approved for style and fit, we create all the necessary additional sizes. You can give us your own grading specifications or we can assist you in establishing grade rules suitable for your targeted market.

We can grade the pattern that we have created ourselves for you or you can provide us with your paper pattern that we digitize (input in our system).

All grading is done using CAD tools on the computer.


Once approved and graded, the pattern is ready to be made into a marker: we place the pieces onto the marker indicating the grain of the material and ensuring each piece is in the best position in order to optimize the use of material.

Our marker making procedure focuses on maximizing productivity and minimizing labour and material costs.


All markers are plotted on our ink-jet 71.5” (1816 mm) width Gerber Infinity II Plotter, on adhesive or non-adhesive paper.

We can print mini-plots of patterns (single size or graded nests) or full-sized ready-to-cut markers.


The specification sheets contain detailed technical diagrams, construction notes, measurement charts and all the other important details that ensure the correct execution of your patterns into finished garments.

Their most important role is to simplify communication during all stages of prototyping, manufacturing and quality control.


In order to advisedly purchase the raw materials necessary for your production (fabric, lining, interlining etc.) you can rely on us to estimate the consumptions.

The fabric is probably the greatest cost in the apparel industry, consequently it can determine the cost effectiveness of a product. Our team can provide optimal utilization of any fabric width in order for you to significantly reduce material waste and attain a higher profit margin.

Watch your designs
come to life !

Once the pattern is ready, we have to manufacture the prototype in order to see if small changes have to be made. In this way we make sure that you have a perfect fit for each of your garments.

Prototypes, Samples & Small production workshop

Before launching the long-run production, it is important for you to test the market reaction to your products. Having this in mind we can provide you with Salesman samples with minimum quantity of one piece per model!

Whether mousseline, cotton, tweed or cashmere, your fabric will receive the appropriate hand and the appropriate equipment. We are able to approach a wide range of product types, from casual wear (jackets, dresses, skirts, trousers, coats, blouses etc.) to special evening gowns and luxury wear.

With a monthly capacity of approximately 500-700 pieces, we can also manufacture small production in our own workshop, with the utmost care and professionalism and under our rigorous quality control.

is fierce

As clothing industry is fashion-driven and fashion keeps changing relentlessly, the sector is under constant pressure and competition is fierce.

The companies have to cope with the changing fashion trends and the more and more sophisticated market's demands and still complete orders in time.

  1. Failing to plan is
    planning to fail

Planning and scheduling has become a crucial aspect of the entire manufacturing process. Due to nowadays economical situation, the fragmentation has become a serious problem: the customers demand more styles per season in smaller quantities. That means an increased volume of orders which requires increased management and planning skills.

we will choose
for you!

When the company was founded in 1994, its activity was focused almost exclusively on the production of ready-made clothes. As the business kept growing constantly, we reached in 2002 the pick of 60.000 pieces/month capacity and a total number of 400 employees.

Even though the activities diversified and we started to offer different clothing industry related services, the production has remained the core of our business throughout our existence. Moreover, the emphasis moved from quantity to quality and we re-orientated towards a different kind of production: small and medium series with high-level quality standards, samples and prototypes.


The current capacity is 500 - 700 pieces/month.

The factory is endowed with Brother, Juki, Sussman, Rimoldi, Necchi and Kannegieesser machines. The equipment includes:

  • Single needle straight lock stitchers
  • Single needle straight lock stitchers with side cutter
  • Twin needle locks
  • Electronic lockstitch bar tackers
  • Overlocks
  • Safety stitchers
  • Lockstitch button hollers
  • Electronic eyelet button hollers
  • Chainstitch button sewers
  • Blind stitchers
  • Automatic lockstitch pocket welt sewer
  • Kannegiesser fusing machine
  • Saddle-stitch machine
  • Steam ironing tables


For orders that exceed our production capacity, we organized the subcontracting department, aimed to take responsibility of the production executed in partnership with other Romanian factories, under our strict supervision.

We have carefully selected our partner factories, following thorough evaluation. We chose factories with good organization and qualified personnel, equipped with modern technology and whose working capacities range from 2.000 to 100.000 pcs / month. The type of products that these factories are specialized in was also an important criterion, enabling us to respond better to our customers' varied demands.

Another criterion was the geographical position: we preferred the factories situated in the south of the country because that means easy access for monitoring and controlling the production.

We have excellent relations with the decision making staff of these factories, with most of them having collaborated for over 10 years.

Moreover, we are able to supply different trimmings necessary for production: interlining, fusible, zips, buttons, thread, polybags, labels etc. so that a consistent part of your responsibilities can be transferred to us.

Our QC specialists are
highly qualified

Our quality control starts from checking the raw materials for flaws and ends with the pre-shipment final control.

Between those two, we perform additional in-line checks throughout the production process: from cutting, sewing and trimming to ironing and packaging.

Our QC specialists are highly qualified and have a rich experience in the clothing industry field, even if we speak about the local team who is in charge with checking the in-house production or about the mobile teams who perform the quality control of the sub-contracted production.

we have partners
all around Romania

Within our premises located in Bucharest (see location on contact map) we have designated storage areas for raw materials and finished garments, properly equipped and maintained. This is where all the raw materials and trimmings are collected and this is where the finished garments go from.

Europe and Romania Provided that your orders cannot be manufactured in our factory for any reason (the quantity is too big, our capacity is not available etc.), we relocate them to the appropriate partner-factories in Romania, under our strict supervision. We are endowed with the necessary logistics to efficiently make the management of this activity: supplying every factory with the necessary raw materials and, when the production is finished, gathering the orders to our premises and preparing them to be shipped to the customer.

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